White Tea Pai Mu Tan

Box of 10 units

Deluxe Tea


Camellia sinensis.

Green leaf and Punctate Brown. Soft and floral flavor. Its extraordinary antioxidant quality stands out.

Gl Ecoherbes, GL selection of entire leaves and flowers, organic farming and manual elaboration. Loose and hermetic in shape for single portions, with biodegradable organic material – compostable and transparent, where all the splendor of the botanical species and the artisan elaboration are appreciated, at the same time they are preserved intact. Appearance, flavors, aromas and properties. It is a format for individual teapots with filter, that looks all its splendor if these are transparent glass, where we will appreciate the rehydration and dilution of essential oils in the form of clouds of colors and aromas that invade the bowl and the table environment. It is delivered in boxes of 10 UT. By type. And each unit is identified with the name of the product and the quality Ecoherbs badge.