White Pennyroyal

Box of 10 units

Fresh herbal infusion


Micromeria fruticosa.

Considered the digestive infusion par excellence. It is used to improve symptoms of flu and stimulate appetite. It highlights its intrinsic flavor and pleasant aroma of mint.

Fresh Ecoherbes GL, GL selection of totally fresh whole leaves and flowers, cultivated by us organically and formulated manually. Hermetically packaged loose or individually in portions, with biodegradable organic material that is compostable and transparent, allowing you to see all the splendour of the botanical species and artisanal formulation, while preserving the appearance, flavours, aromas and properties intact. This is a format for individual teapots with a filter, where all its splendour can be on show if they are made of transparent glass, where you can appreciate the rehydration and dilution of essential oils, in the form of clouds of colours that invade the container and the table environment. It is delivered in boxes of 10 units by types, where each unit shows the name in four languages and the Ecoherbes Quality label. Delivered in boxes of 10 units per type, where each unit looks like the name with four languages and the Ecoherbes Quality logo.