Green Tea Magic Mint

Box of 125 grams = 63 services

Bulk luxury tea


Camellia sinensis, Mentha sightata, Pimpinella anisum.

Transports you to faraway climes with its magical flavours. Eases the digestion and relaxes without causing sleepiness.

Ecoherbes GR TEAs in bulk, GR selection of organic whole leaves and flowers, manually prepared by us. Hermetically loose-packed in Kraft self-closing Zip lock bags with a transparent window, where all the beauty of the botanical elements and artisanal preparation of the whole leaves and flowers can be appreciated, while the appearance, flavours, aromas and properties are preserved intact. It is a bulk format for filter teapots, where in all the splendour can be showcased if they are made of transparent glass, allowing us to appreciate the rehydration and dilution of essential oils in the form of clouds of colours and aromas that invade the container and the atmosphere of the table. It is delivered in a 125-gram box equivalent to 63 servings, where the product label shows the name and the Ecoherbes Quality label.