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Authentic flavors of organic farming and artisanal production

We produce exceptional, gourmet products for an exclusive clientele. Ecoherbes teas and infusions are organic, artisanal, and unique in the market. They are made using whole leaves and flowers, with authentic flavours and natural aromas. They are supplied in individual bags, especially designed for infusion in teapots or teacups, with an easy, elegant “easy-drip” strain system, that adds a distinctive touch of quality.

It’s a 10-hectare agroecology park that houses a botanical garden surrounded by farmland where we grow more than 400 species of aromatic and culinary plants against a backdrop of the Mediterranean Sea and the Ebro Delta. Our facilities include our own seed bank and a nursery for reproducing species, with the aim of obtaining improved adaptability and genetics in their cultivation.
Our crops grow outdoors, not in greenhouses. They are picked carefully by hand and dried gradually in a natural wooden drier. That’s makes our teas and infusions so highly aromatic, with exclusive flavours and superb quality

Our own genetic selection

An essential component of the development of the flavours and aromas of the plants we grow is the Seed Bank and the Vegetative Reproduction Centre. Thanks to continuous year after year selection since 2007, we have been able to obtain a natural and exclusive genetic selection of our cultivated plants in our own nursery, producing unique Ecoherbes cultivars with high levels of beneficial organoleptic properties.

Organic farming in nature

The location of the Ecoherbes Estate, south of Tarragona and only 900 metres from the Mediterranean Sea, provides a unique and special microclimate throughout the year for the cultivation of aromatic plants, giving them an outstanding aroma and flavour.

The cultivation fields simulate nature itself – small meandering fields surrounded by nature, with chalky and stony soil – an environment that is particularly suitable for producing the highest quantity and quality of essential oils in the different parts of the plants.

Within this nature-imitating growth method, and in organic farming, the correct management of nutrient and irrigation water intake is very important. Our technical department controls these parameters perfectly, always aiming to produce a raw material of sublime quality.

Micro harvests

Leaves and whole flowers, at the right time to obtain the best aromas, flavours and properties. Harvesting is carried out manually using scissors, which are sometimes ceramic to avoid the onset of oxidation. In doing this, we initially grade the plant material, individually choosing each leaf stem and flower that will be part of the product. The proximity of the fields to the workshop means there is less than 15 minutes from the start of harvesting to delivery to the workshop, an essential element for the quality of the harvest.

Fresh raw material

In the workshop, the leaves and flowers are manually removed from the harvested stems, extremely carefully and leaf by leaf, so as not to crack or bend their fibres. This is the second material quality grading, when the stalks and stems are discarded to remove their bitter tannin flavours, and any part of the material that does not comply with the strictest specifications regarding strength, aesthetics, shape and colour is also removed. This ensures 100% purity, both in the fresh products and in the material that subsequently undergoes the drying process.

Natural drying

The material already selected in the workshop is placed on natural wood trays that have a grid which allows perfect ventilation. These are set out on shelves in the drying room. The drying process is carried out in a drying room that is made entirely of natural spruce wood. The room is a ‘hórreo’ building (a granary above ground level set on pillars, originating in northern Spain), that is completely dark inside and in which the natural air circulation dries the material in 5-12 days, depending on the species, temperature and humidity.

Dry raw material, transformation and organoleptic maturing

After drying, the leaves’ and flowers’ ageing and selection process is complete. They are then placed in hermetically sealed containers, in complete darkness, at a controlled temperature to perfectly preserve them for a few short months until they reach a slight organoleptic transformation in the form of maturation, prior to the final preparation of the product for use.

Hand-crafted production

The infusions are produced in the workshop by hand, using the completely whole leaves and flowers to fill the filters or GL single-
deposit measuring tool with the exact quantity of each product. The Ecoherbes sachet label is sewn onto the bag to create the sophisticated patented and exclusive Easy Drip draining system. The third quality grading is carried out during this final processing.

Our herbal tea and infusion formulations are “signature formulas”, created in the context of and with the benefits of phytotherapy, and evoking a superior gourmet sensation.

Packaging, management and transport

We are also pioneers in terms of offering professional and ecological packaging in this sector, with the primary aim of maintaining the physical and organoleptic quality of the product until it reaches its best-before date. Service speed and convenience for the establishment have also been taken into account. And most important of all: complete respect with regard to the environment – everything is 100% ecological, recyclable or biodegradable and compostable.

We provide agile and ecological management through the Professional Clients’ Intranet, both for information and product catalogues, as well as for client files and orders. If the client wishes, everything can be carried out directly on-line, with the information always being up-to-date, and in record time.

We use the best national and international transport companies for shipping, ensuring quality and speed of delivery. The transport of goods is always free of charge for the customer.

Infusions authentic flavors

Whole leaves and flowers, gathered by hand from our best plants, and dried slowly in a natural wooden drier. Treated with the same care they offer those who taste them.

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